it gives skin lifting effects similar to surgical methods

Ulthera ™ gives skin lifting effects similar to surgical methods, but it is a completely non-invasive procedure. The device is equipped with an ultrasound screen, which allows the physician to properly see the tissue. This increases the procedure precision and gives the effectiveness guarantee.

Ulthera ™ reduces the skin laxity and minimizes the so-called skin overhangs. In the case of the eyes area treatment, it can significantly lift the upper eyelids. The look becomes brighter and more open, and the face has a younger, fresh look.


The treatment can be conducted on other areas e.g.: cheeks, jaw line, or chin in order to lift and improve the skin tension. This clearly affects the face shape and the look of the neck. Face modeling using Ulthera ™ treatment is extremely precise and gives spectacular effects in skin rejuvenation.


The treatment process

Focused ultrasound energy is delivered deep under the skin surface. The immediate skin shrinkage occurs which is caused by the skin tissue coagulation. This process stimulates the natural response of the body so the new and improved collagen begins to be produced.

The result is a gradual increase in skin firmness and better elasticity. During the treatment the top skin layers remain intact and deeper layers are exposed to a concentrated dose of energy.



Ulthera has a FDA ’de novo’ certificate. This means the system is unique and ensures full safety. Ulthera ™ also has a European Certificate of Conformance (CE Mark) and a Health Canada certificate.



  • excess skin on the upper eyelid
  • dropping eyelids
  • lowered eyebrows
  • dropping skin in the cheek area
  • deep nasolabial folds
  • dropping, flabby chin
  • loss of jaw line
  • dropping mouth corners

The treatment course

During the medical consultation, the patient is informed about the course of treatment, any contraindications and expected therapy results. When those procedures are finished, the patient is asked to sign the treatment agreement form.

Before the treatment is performed a thorough photographic documentation of the therapy area is prepared. It will be useful in the treatment effects observation. First of all, the anesthesia (1-2h) is applied on the treated area, then it is disinfected and a gel layer is put on.

The doctor performs the treatment with a special head and under the control of the USG. The doctor moves the ultrasound head around the treatment area. During the energy application the patient may experience temporary discomfort, which quickly disappears. This indicates that the collagen rebuilding process has just begun.


The treatment effects

One treatment is sufficient to achieve satisfactory effects. The improvement in the skin condition appears gradually up to 90 days after the conducted treatment. That is the amount of time needed to produce new collagen. The effects are visible for approximately one year, but this period may be different for each patient.


After the treatment

After the treatment, a thorough photographic documentation is prepared again so the patient can observe the first treatment effects.

It is possible to return to full activity after the treatment. Possible side effects include mild erythema, lasting no longer than for one or two hours.

For a few days the skin may be more delicate and more touch-sensitive. In rare cases, a slight swelling may occur, which disappears after a few days.



  • open wounds or lesions on the face
  • acne lesions on the face or neck
  • metal stents and implants on the face and neck
  • bioabsorbable mechanical implants
  • implanted electrical device
  • active systemic or local skin diseases, which can affect the course of wound healing



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