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Stress urinary incontinence is a problem, which is often left unsaid. Women are ashamed to talk about it, although it is estimated that 1 in 4 women suffer from it. They are afraid to sneeze, run, or even laugh. However, there is a way to treat this affliction.


Urinary incontinence – is a common problem faced by women, for whom it is often a source of shame. Not only those who are in perimenopausal age suffer from it, but also those who are in their forties need to fight this problem. Moreover, it is proved that every third woman being in her thirties also struggles with that syndrome.


There are three types of the urinary incontinence:

– Stress urinary incontinence due to urethral closure or excessive downward motion of the bladder neck

– Urgent urinary incontinence due to overactive bladder muscles activity or reduced bladder wall stability

– Mixed urinary incontinence that is a combination of the symptom profiles of the above mentioned urinary incontinence forms


Stress urinary incontinence– Mona Lisa Touch laser

In the Kaniowscy Clinic, the treatment of urinary incontinence is performed with the Mona Lisa Touch. The laser treatment of the urinary incontinence is painless, non-invasive and does not require hospitalization. You can return to sexual activity after a period of one week.

The treatment is based on the vagina tightening, strengthening its walls and the urethra area. The laser stimulates the collagen fibers of the mucosa, which in turn leads to their increased number and strength. The tissue undergoing the procedure shrinks, the urethral incline decreases, thus restores its normal functioning. The improvement is noticeable even after one treatment, however for the full effect we recommend performing 2-3 treatments.


Treatment course – Mona Lisa Touch laser

The laser treatment of the stress urinary incontinence is conducted with the usage of a special head equipped in scanner, which the doctor places into the vaginal canal. The laser works directly on the vaginal walls, which results in new cells and glands production. The vaginal mucosa is thoroughly rebuilt. After the treatment the vagina is visibly tightened, its mucosa is restructured and the problem of the stress urinary incontinence is reduced.


Laser treatment effects:

With MonaLisa Touch treatments, which reduce the urinary incontinence, women gain back their physical and mental comfort, and their lives are no longer constrained by this embarrassing problem. Women regain self-confidence, which positively affects their intimate life.

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