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Skin lesions removal Wroclaw

Skin lesions should be regularly monitored by a dermatologist. The specialists can asses then if the lesion is only a cosmetic defect or if it qualifies for an immediate removal.

We remove all types of skin lesions, from benign to malignant, using classic surgery, laser therapy, electrocoagulation, radiofrequency and cryotherapy.

We remove:


seborrheic keratosis,

pigmented nevi, moles,

skin marks

sebaceous cysts,


skin cancers: melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma

and other lesions

Skin marks removal is a procedure during which all kinds of spots, moles, discolourations, etc. are removed. They can be either harmless skin lesions, as well as those that should be monitored more closely.

You should never delay with the diagnostics and removal of any suspicious skin lesions. The popular opinion among the patients is “it is better not to touch it”, which is completely wrong and may put you in a health and life-threatening situation.

If you have any skin lesion that is visible, keeps growing over the years and gently bleeds-do not hesitate. Come and have it diagnosed!

Treatment course – skin marks removal

Before the skin mark removal, the patient should consult a dermatologist who will determine the type of skin lesion and select an appropriate method of treatment.


The changes qualified for a non-surgical treatment can be removed immediately, during the first visit. The other lesions are removed under local anesthesia. After the removal, the doctor puts the stitches and sends the sample for the histopathological test. The stitches are removed between 7th and 15th day after the procedure. The test results are available within three weeks.


In our clinic we offer LED therapy, which significantly stimulates the healing.

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