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In mild depressive states, psychotherapy may be the only form of treatment. We offer cognitive-behavioural therapy. The main aim of this therapy model is to change the way of patient’s thinking and behaving and to alter his or her life, so it is calmer, fuller, and easier.

The goal of the cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy (CBT) is to improve the quality of life. Together with the therapist, the patient has a chance to create a development and repair program. Psychoeducation is an inherent part of the therapy, and the patient broadens the awareness of the processes that take place in him or her.


Psychotherapy will help you discover constructive ways to deal with difficult situations.


The effectiveness of the CBT therapy in comparison to other therapeutic approaches has been confirmed in many clinical studies. This therapy is recommended by international mental health organizations in the treatment of anxiety disorders – panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, affective disorders – bipolar disorders, eating disorders, addictions, schizophrenia and other psychoses, sleep disorders.


In mild depressive or neurodegenerative conditions, it can be the only form of treatment, in the remaining disorders may work as a valuable supplement of pharmacotherapy. The CBT psychotherapy not only helps to recover from a mental crisis such as depression. The conducted studies have shown that it is also effective in preventing recurrence of depression.


The basic assumption of the CBT therapy is that “Man feels exactly as he thinks.”

The way of thinking influences the way people live and behave. We support our patients in developing new, healthier or more constructive ways of thinking and behaving. As a result, they often achieve the inner harmony.


The Cognitive-behavioural therapy is focused on solving specific problems.


Meetings are usually held once a week.

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