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Non-invasive eyelid lifting

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The intelligent solution for a non-invasive eyelid lifting.

The skin around the eyes changes with the passage of time – it loses its natural elasticity and resilience, gets darker and more wrinkled. The eyelid fall does not only result from sleepless nights or overwork, but it is also treated as the first evidence of noticeable skin aging in the eyes area. In our Clinic we offer a ‘smart’ solution to restore the attractive look – Plasma IQ!


It is a simple and safe device used to perform a non-invasive eyelid lifting in order to obtain satisfying effects after just one treatment! The device uses plasma micro-beams, which are applied only within the epidermis without damaging the skin so there is no need to take a break from everyday activities. It allows eliminating the first aging signs, rejuvenating the eye area and making the look fresh again. The eyelid correction treatment is recommended for both women and men- it is performed only on the area targetted and it has no effect on the surrounding tissue.

plasma IQ zabieg men plasma IQ zabieg woman

While performing the treatment, Plasma IQ device is not connected to the mains electricity so the patients with the counter-indications can decide on such treatment without taking any risk.


The eyelid lifting treatment with Plasma IQ:

is non-invasive – recommended for people who do not want to decide on surgery (blepharoplasty)

is precise – plasma micro-beams are applied only within the epidermis without skin damaging

gives immediate effects – results are visible after the first treatment

is safe– safe for people with pacemakers and other patients who are not allowed to decide on treatments using electricity

is comfortable – there is no need to take a break from everyday activities


Effects after one treatment:


PLASMA-IQ-bezinwazyjny lifting powiek

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