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Botox is already 25 year old


Botox, botulinum toxin has been applied in aesthetic medicine for more than 25 years.  dr. n. med Ewa Kaniowska, vice-president of The Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatologists, is going to explain to us how to use it properly.


Botox seems to be such a well-known substance that its injection could be easily conducted during the lunch break. Do you agree? 


dr. Ewa Kaniowska – Actually, the botulinum toxin was used for the first time in the area of aesthetic medicine in 1987, which is quite long time ago. However, I cannot agree to treat the botox injection as a lunch break treatment. We have to remember botox is still a medication! It should be used under strong medical supervision. To properly adjust the dose of toxin and skillfully inject it you must have a big, and wide knowledge.


So are the botox treatments completely safe ?


dr. Ewa Kaniowska – Yes, if an experienced doctor conducts them. Nevertheless, we should not forget about medical precepts. If we block one muscle, another one is going to take over its function. It means that if one group of muscles is relaxed, so the adversarial one is about to contract. It is not a big deal to inject the toxin into the areas, which are supposed to be “ironed”- to eliminate wrinkles on the forehead. Unfortunately, the effect might be a bit comical- a perfectly smooth forehead would contrast badly with the lower part of the face, which shows the signs of ageing process. Therefore I always try to warn my patients not to use the services of people who boast they have completed cosmetic courses and have already conducted the botox treatment for two years…


Since botox has ceased to be a novelty- has the doctors’ approach towards its use changed ?


dr. Ewa Kaniowska – Yes, especially here in Europe. In USA there are still tendencies that teeth must be shiny white and if the forehead was treated with botox it must be as smooth as a plate. In my practice, I always first analyse the patient’s face, diagnose, and then decide on a specific therapy. I repeat- the whole therapy. I keep trying to reach as natural effects as possible. That is the reason why I suggest the treatment with botoxlift. After such treatments, not forehead or area around the eyes seem to be unnaturally smoothened but the whole face looks completely relaxed. Close friends of the patients may not notice she had any kind of treatment conducted. They would think she has just come back from a wonderful holiday- relaxed and fresh. And that’s the point – naturalness.  


It is a well-known fact that the botox effects are going to eventually disappear. Isn’t it dangerous to repeat the treatment?


dr. Ewa Kaniowska – I always repeat, if we renovate something in our house from time to time, it will never need any general overhaul. Similarly with our face- as long as we take care of it properly- the surgical intervention would be unnecessary. Botox blocks muscles functioning, which prevents the forehead from frowning. After some period of time, we would be able to cure ourselves from such activity. However, I do not support injections every four months. It is worth waiting a little bit before deciding on the next botox treatment, try to observe the face and check if you actually need it.  


Can the botulin toxin be used in any other cases- not related to the aesthetic medicine?


dr. Ewa Kaniowska – The features of botox are used in many areas of medicine- neurology, ophthalmology, urology or gynecology etc. There have been first reports published proving that botox may support the treatment of depression. It is also used in patients with facial nerve paralysis or asymmetry deepening with age. The face muscles do not work evenly and after some time the asymmetry may become a big problem for the patient. Sometimes, 18 year-old patients have deep vertical forehead wrinkles, which they took after their mothers and grandmothers. Because of such affliction they seem to look constantly nervous, which has bad influence on their mental health. And then botox treatment may be quite useful.

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