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Dietician Wroclaw


Excessive body kilograms are not only a burden for your body, but they can also reflect in bad skin condition, mood, and worse functioning of the whole body. A visit at a dietician will help you learn how to eat better, smarter and healthier.


Dietetics is a field of study in which much have been written and said. It is difficult to choose what is actually true, and what is false in those reports.


In our Clinic, an experienced internist-dietician after a detailed medical interview and examination will determine what type of diet will be the best for you.


We also recommend performing the Food Detective or MRT tests for food intolerance. Sometimes it is enough to stop consuming the foods that harm you to return to your normal weight.


In Kaniowscy Clinic, experienced expert dr Justyna Jakimiuk will help you find the way to the perfect body shape and healthy skin, and as a result, better well-being.

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