LINERASE innovative collagen therapy

The third generation of atelocollagen LINERASE appeared on the market, thanks to which aesthetic dermatology opened new possibilities in tissue reconstruction and restoration. LINERASE is an innovative therapy available in Poland since June 2015. This is a medical procedure performed only by a doctor. The therapy regenerates and rebuilds the skin, thus restoring its lost elasticity and natural glow.

We owe the healthy and young skin look to its main building material, which is collagen. Unfortunately, with age, its production decreases, fibres become weaker and weaker and our skin becomes less elastic. In the aging process, in addition to the decrease in the elasticity associated with the reduction in the amount of collagen and elastin fibres, the amount of subcutaneous fat is also reduced, and facial muscles become weaker. As a result is some gravity wrinkles and noticeable changes in the face oval appear. However, we can react against it, and the best way to fight the loss of collagen is to supplement its deficiencies and to eliminate the effects of its depletion.


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The new generation atelocollagen LINERASE is a breakthrough treatment in aesthetic medicine. It is a modern and safe preparation for intradermal administration, registered as a medical device. Importantly, the therapy does not cause side effects or allergic reactions (it is not immunogenic). The treatment procedure is minimally invasive, thanks to which it does not require a long period of convalescence. LINERASE is the only injection-type atelocollagen type I available on the market, the latest tool in the hands of aesthetic medicine doctors, designed for the most delicate areas of the face and the whole body. Atelocollagen LINERASE stimulates the production of new fibroblasts that contribute to the skin condition improvement and thus younger appearance. Bioactive preparation is designed for regeneration and reconstruction of the skin, reduction of laxity, stretch marks and atrophic scars, restoration of resilience and elasticity, smoothing out wrinkles. Thanks to the therapy, the skin can become younger by up to 5 years



The complete therapy consists of 2 to 4 treatments depending on the doctor’s recommendations and the patient’s skin condition, and the first effects are visible after 7-14 days. Four treatments are recommended with a 2-week interval to achieve the full effect of the therapy. After this time, the difference in skin elasticity and density is clearly visible. The effect of a younger look can be enjoyed from 12 to 18 months. Atelocollagen LINERASE provides natural regeneration and restores the skin’s natural structure by recreating collagen fibres and stimulating the production of new collagen.

The new generation atelocollagen LINERASE is characterized by the ease of injection, because it is in a form of liquid, not a gel. After the procedure, redness, swelling, itching or tenderness may appear at the application area. These reactions can last up to 7 days. After this time, they spontaneously disappear.



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The LINERASE treatment is recommended for people who notice signs of aging. When their skin becomes flaccid, dry, tired and lacks in flexibility or lost its glow. The signal to start the therapy should also be emerging or already existing scars, or stretch marks.



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