When the food helps you …

Eliminate foods that harm you from your diet. You will lose weight, gain energy and well-being. LEAP is a program that will help you find the right diet.


LEAP is a method based on eliminating the foods from the diet that trigger the immune responses. Reactive foods are replaced with the non-reactive products. The program includes setting a plan and a schedule for changing the eating habits.


As many as 75 different health problems, are caused by mediators released from the blood cells of the immune system. These disorders result from the action of various chemical compounds triggered during the fight of the body with harmful foods. If we eliminate these from our diets we will become much healthier.


Most patients notice increased energy, improved digestion, weight loss, reduced appetite, reduced pain, improved thinking clarity, and improved well-being.


The individually prepared diet can be used throughout the lifetime. Most of our patients get used to following the recommendations after a few weeks. The program becomes a natural part of their everyday life.


Our patients usually feel much better and do not want to return to their old eating habits.

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When the food harms you…


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