Volumetry – face shape modeling

HYALURONIC ACID- Wroclaw – wrinkles filling, face modeling

Take advantages of hyaluronic acid: and there are many of them! Unfortunately, as the time passes your own natural hyaluronic acid disappears. However, modern treatments are able to perfectly replace it.


The most visible of the face aging process is the loss of its volume. It results from the progressive degradation of changes in the structure of the individual skin layers. Decreasing production of hyaluronic acid, lipids, reduced level of elastin, collagen and loss of fat tissue are responsible for the loss of skin elasticity and gravitational dropping of tissues. These phenomena contribute to the structure and shape changes of the whole face. The first wrinkles begin to appear, skin becomes looser and tissue slowly looses its volume.

To restore the lost volume, the volumetric facial rejuvenation should be applied. Standard treatment is conducted with the use of fillers, based on hyaluronic acid.

The appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid makes the skin firm and elastic, as the main role of hyaluronic acid is to maintain water deep in the skin. One of the results of skin aging process is the loss of hyaluronic acid.

However, modern medicine knows a way to make up the loss of volume. This procedure is effective and safe. Hyaluronic acid has been used in aesthetic medicine for over 20 years, and millions treatments of wrinkles filling have been conducted. As a matter of fact, it is still one of the most popular ways to rejuvenate the skin.

Taking into consideration the skin problem, the doctor chooses the most suitable filler. There is a wide variety of substances, which can be differentiated depending on their density and crosslinking of hyaluronic acid. Some are used in the revitalization and conditioning of the skin and filling the wrinkles. Others are perfect for more serious procedures as e.g.: improving face oval, modeling cheeks, or lip augmentation, etc.


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Hyaluronic acid not only combats the most visible signs of aging, by filling wrinkles, or restoring the lost volume – but it also stimulates the production of collagen, and thereby improves the quality of the skin.


The Kaniowscy clinic uses the highest quality fillers with hyaluronic acid by reputable companies e.g.:  Juvederm, Stylage, Neauvia, Emervel, Restylane.


Face oval modeling with the usage of hyaluronic acid.  



  • face volumetry – face shape modeling
  • wrinkles filling
  • nasolabial folds reduction
  • lip augmentation, modeling and moisturizing
  • hamster cheek pouch reduction
  • tears valley filling
  • cheekbones reconstruction
  • nose shape correction
  • eyes area rejuvenation
  • smoker lines filling
  • marionette lines filling
  • chin correction
  • dropping mouth corners lifting
  • jaw line modeling

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The most important result of the volumetry procedure is the face-rejuvenated appearance, as actually the furrows, flabby cheeks, bags under the eyes, and dropping mouth corners give the impression of sad and old face.



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