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Golden Touch ™ Smartxide is a revolutionary technology for skin rejuvenation and removing its imperfections. The unique combination of laser therapy and the radio wave is the main reason for great results. Such laser operational parameters have never been achieved in the skin treatments before and they give new therapeutic possibilities. Modern system contributes to the comprehensive skin reconstruction. Photothermolysis phenomenon used in laser has its basis in scientific research by Professor R. Rox Anderson at the Massachusetts General Hospital.


The CO2 laser is considered to be the most effective method of combating wrinkles and skin aging. Radio waves work perfectly in skin lifting and firming. The combination of these two great technologies gives spectacular aesthetic effects. Treatments with Golden Touch Smartxide provide a complete skin tissue reconstruction – improves its firmness, elasticity, tone, restore skin radiance and youthful appearance.

Laser treatment with Golden Touch Smartxide safely improves the skin structure, eliminates wrinkles, blemishes, scars and other skin changes.


Combination therapy for great rejuvenation

Treatment with Golden Touch Smartxide is based on simultaneous operation of two technologies. It acts on the skin in a much more complex way in comparison to resurfacing performed just with laser. The innovative combination of CO2 laser and radio wave provides an effective and safe interaction of various skin layers, and the overall results are achieved by the possibility of deeper skin penetration, increased fibroblasts stimulation in collagen production, and a more intensified tissue remodeling.

Laser technology Golden Touch Smartxide enables accurate selection of all operating parameters by modulating treatment according to both patient and target tissues characteristics. It allows full control of duration, impulse energy and impulse shape for particular therapeutic usage. Furthermore, the laser is provided with a system preventing severe skin bleeding which consequently shortens the recovery time. Available impulse mode range is developed in order to provide the greatest benefits in the least invasive way.


 Golden Touch Smartxide can be applied in:

  • skin structure and quality improvement
  • skin rejuvenation
  • wrinkles and deep furrows elimination
  • scars elimination eg. after cesarean section or acne
  • burn scars treatment
  • stretch marks elimination
  • flabby skin firming
  • sunspots elimination
  • lesions elimination (birthmarks, warts, callus, xanthomas)
  • eye area rejuvenation
  • enlarged pores elimination

Laser treatments with Golden Touch Smartxide can be carried on the whole body. The unique technology of Pulse Shape Design (PSD ™) allows treatments for all skin types, even on the most delicate areas reducing recovery time and enhancing effects.

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How does the laser treatment with Golden Touch Smartxide look like?

Depending on the treatment and area on which it is performed, the patient may feel gentle heat, burning sensation, or sometimes a little pain. Laser damages tissues selectively and with a full control. It activates repair and regeneration processes leading to new collagen formation and skin surface smoothing. Immediately after treatment the skin is of a red colour and the day after it is swollen, however those conditions disappear after a few days.

In more complicated treatments, due to the swelling, it is recommended to spend the first three days at home and let the face relax. The prize is a new, smooth and shiny skin. The effects of treatment with Golden Touch Smartxide are visible after a few days.

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