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Functional disorders

Aesthetic gynaecology, or rather functional gynaecology, deals with intimate problems of women such as: urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, labial hypertrophy or vaginal tissues loosening, etc. Modern medicine gives you the opportunity to fight them.

Enjoy your femininity at any age!


Aesthetic gynaecology helps modern women who want to feel the fullness of sexual life, who care about the aesthetics of their intimate area, and in addition, who want to function normally and fully enjoy their femininity. There are plenty of opportunities in Modern gynaecology to fight the problems women have faced over the years. With the help of the latest MonaLisa Touch laser, we perform such treatments as: labioplasty – labia repair, vaginal revitalization (increased vaginal moisture, laser vaginal tightening) including vaginal revitalization after giving the birth, and stress urinary incontinence treatment.


There is an assumption that together with the menopause the femininity starts to decline. Today, women of this age are very active and professional, want to look good and have a satisfactory sex life.


It is thought that changes in the female body are the price we pay for maternity. After giving the birth, the vagina loosens and expands which results in vaginal and urethral prolapse. As we get older, there is an increasing tendency for intimate infections and stress urinary incontinence. However, nowadays, gynaecology can successfully help with such conditions.

You can live your life without the troublesome consequences of the labour or menopause thanks to the aesthetic gynaecology

Non-invasive laser treatments improve vagina tension and increase vaginal moisture. The laser allows tightening the vagina skin while the vaginal lifting threads reduce the external opening of the vagina.



Laser MonaLisa Touch – the latest achievement of aesthetic gynaecology


MonaLisa Touch is a perfect device to revitalize, lift and tighten the vagina. Results:

  • restored vaginal mucosa
  • improved vagina lubrication
  • improved vagina flexibility
  • reduced vagina size
  • reduced stress urinary incontinence

Preventive MonaLisa Touch laser treatment can protect against invasive surgeries in the future.




Vaginal Narrower – innovative lifting threads- NEW in gynaecology


The treatment with the vaginal lifting threads is an absolute novelty. One treatment results in long lasting improvement in the aesthetics and functioning of the vagina and labia.



– reduced external opening of the vagina

– revitalization of the vulvo-vagina area

– cellular renewal

– tissue firming



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