Cutera Laser

Broken Capillaries Treatment

Cutera Excel V Laser Wrocław – capillaries elimination, varicose veins removal

CUTERA EXCEL V – efficient, reliable and almost painless laser. None of varicose veins, telangiectasia, or broken capillaries can stop him in the fight for flawless skin.


Vascular skin is difficult to care for. Many different factors as e.g.: genetic factors, thin skin, light-coloured skin, sunbathing, eating hot and spicy foods, alcohol consumption can worsen its condition.

Facial erythema, often neglected by patients, may be the first symptom of rosacea. However, if untreated it gradually becomes more and more advanced. It results in skin changes occurring on the face, sometimes on the neck, or cleavage.

Treatment at home is not enough to deal with the problem.

Laser Cutera Excel V, used to treat broken capillaries is the most modern device of this type. Cutera gives a high level of comfort and safety for patients during surgery. The Cutera Excel V is a high-powered system using a unique laser with two wavelengths, which is absorbed by the broken capillaries.

  • laser heats the broken capillaries, as a result of which they are eliminated; it also restores the right skin colour
  • it is possible to adjust treatment parameters to meet the needs depending on the skin condition of a particular patient – this means it can be used not only to treat superficial cutaneous vascular lesions on the face but also to remove the varicose veins on the legs
  • the modern skin cooling system provides the patient with maximum comfort during the treatment

Hemangiomas elimination

Laser Cutera perfectly copes with hemangiomas elimination. Hemangiomas are benign tumors that have their source in the blood vessels system. Angioma appearing on the skin is a type of a birthmark, or nodule, which usually is of a livid or purple colour. They can be treated with drugs, surgery or laser.

One of the most effective methods is the Cutera laser treatment. The treatment is effective, non-invasive and does not leave any scars.

Removal of varicose and spider veins on legs

Removal of varicose veins is another procedure performed with the Cutera laser. Varicose veins of the lower limbs are a common problem in Poland. The main causes of this disease may be: prolonged standing, genetics. Research has also shown that women are more prone to varicose veins than men.


The varicose veins are usually responsible for the problems such as: tired legs feeling, cramps, legs swelling and a burning sensation. Both varicose veins and spider veins- dilated capillaries, which form reticular red patterns on the skin, are considered to be an aesthetic problem as well.

Cutera Laser gives great effects in removing hyperpigmentation and sunspots from the face, neck or cleavage. It also works well in the removal of age spots and hands discoloration.


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Indications for the treatment with the Cutera Excel V

  • rosacea
  • telangiectasis
  • varicose veins removal
  • spider veins elimination
  • hemangioma elimination
  • cherry angioma elimination
  • hyperpigmentation and sunspots elimination



The course of treatment

Patient’s preparation involves cleaning and cooling of the treated skin area. The patient receives protective goggles, and then the doctor puts some gel on the skin and by applying laser on the skin, he closes (or removes) broken capillaries.


The treatment takes 10 – 20 minutes. Therapeutic effects of this treatment are based on small blood vessels photocoagulation, which shrink and disappear. The skin returns to its natural appearance. After the treatment the skin is reddened and warm, so it is chilled with cold compresses. The symptoms can last from a few hours to several days.


Closing broken capillaries on the face –Cutera Exel V laser


Hemangiomas laser elimination


After the laser treatment it is necessary to apply sunblock creams. It is recommended to avoid hot baths, sauna, solarium, alcohol consumption, and excessive physical exertion (as these factors cause the expansion of capillaries).


After the treatment, patients may experience a slight swelling, redness, tenderness, partial skin discoloration, small scars, or some warm and burning feelings.

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