Botulinum Toxin- wrinkles removal

Bring the youth back

Botox treatment in Wroclaw

Wrinkles unnecessarily make your face look older, sad and tired. Get rid of them by getting the Botox treatment!

Removing wrinkles with Type A botulinum toxin, the so-called Botox, is one of the most effective, non-surgical methods of combating mimic wrinkles. It involves local injection of Botox, which blocks the selected muscles and relax them. Botox removes wrinkles on the skin of the forehead, between the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes (e.g.: crow’s feet). This type of wrinkles appears quite early, even before the first signs of skin aging.

Thorough knowledge of the anatomy and muscles work, particularly of how each muscle is responsible for facial expressions, is necessary to perform effective treatments with botulinum toxin. Although the muscle anatomy is similar, each person uses them in a different way. The key tool needed to perform treatments with Botox, is detailed photographic documentation. It should be treated as a basic and mandatory stage of each treatment with botulinum toxin. The photographs are an indispensable aid in determining the direction of muscle contractions and their strength, which allows the doctor to evaluate the injection areas and doses of Botox, affecting the success of treatment. Both analysis of the face and facial expressions and taken photographs are important also during the medical check ups and before the next injections. Proper treatment with botulinum toxin enables satisfactory and natural treatment effects.

The face should look fresh, relaxed but not devoid of facial expressions.

The Botox injections result in relaxation of the muscles responsible for wrinkles creation. The treatment temporarily removes wrinkles and prevents them from deepening.

The treatment with Botox is simple and safe, provided that qualified doctors perform it. They decide, in which muscles and in what quantities Botox will be injected. Pain associated with injection is minimal. Regular activities and daily duties can be conducted right after the treatment.

After the treatment, during the botulinum toxin action, the face looks fresh, natural, and the facial muscles rest.


Botox liquidates:

  • crow’s feet
  • smoker lines
  • forehead wrinkles
  • lion wrinkles
  • gummy smile


Botox results:

  • drooping eyelids raising
  • dropping mouth corners lifting
  • wrinkles around the mouth removal
  • cleavage and neck wrinkles smoothing
  • jaw line correction



The treatment results – Botox

Even though Botox works for approx. 4 months, the treatment results are seen for a much longer period of time. The skin is rested, smooth, and wrinkles are not that deep as before the treatment. Unfortunately, after a certain period of time, they come back to the initial look, and then it is good to repeat the treatment. Nevertheless, we should remember that Botox has been in use for many years, it has been thoroughly tested and completely safe for the body. Apart from aesthetic medicine it is used in neurology, ophthalmology and dermatology.




  • Before-Botoks

  • Before-Botoks 2
    After-Botoks 2
    PrzedBotoks 2Po

Additional information:

  • Only one treatment is usually enough to see satisfactory results. If you want to preserve the results, you should repeat the treatment.
  • The medical check up is necessary to control the treatment effects and to proceed possible corrections of the treatment.
  • The medical check up should take place approx. 2 weeks after the treatment with Botox.


After the treatment- wrinkles liquidation


After the treatment of wrinkles liquidation with Botox, the patient may experience redness, rash, swelling or sometimes other small irritations or injection marks.


Indications for the treatment with Botox:

  • diaphoresis
  • migraine
  • wrinkles, laughter lines
  • bruxism – teeth grinding
  • eyelids spams
  • facial asymmetry correction, e.g.: nerve palsy


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