Before you decide on treatment


Patients often get lost in a wide range of aesthetic medicine market. They are tempted with advertisements and special offers. Meanwhile, the skin is our largest immunological organ and as in the case of our whole body treatment- we should confide the look and health of our skin to a professional doctor.


A doctor, who constantly gains more professional knowledge, is able to assess the efficiency and security of treatments regardless the information presented by particular companies. That is why we- dermatologists are treated by the patients as the best guides to the most effective and secure aesthetic treatments. We never offer hits or unproven novelties.


I have been dealing with the aesthetic medicine for more than 20 years  and after many years of professional experience and medical record conduction I have scientific basis to claim, that the comprehensive and long-term treatment of the patient may effect in a dozen of years younger appearance.


My recommendations:


Ulthera™ – is a device designed to lift the skin, the effects of which are comparable to the surgical lifting. Moreover, this is the only device, which has the ultrasound screen installed, what enables the doctor to see the tissue. This guarantees exceptional effectiveness and precision of the conducted treatment. Concentrated ultrasound energy is delivered deep into the surface layers of the skin and then an immediate skin contraction is caused by the thermal tissue coagulation. Ulthera™ is a non-invasive lifting, which reduces the skin slackening, and minimizes the increasing overhangs developing through the process of skin ageing. One of the results of the treatment is visible elevation of the upper eyelid, which makes the look more open. Moreover, the face starts looking fresh and young again. The treatment can be performed on the cheeks, jaw line, and chin to improve and increase of the skin tension, which significantly affects the shape of the face and neck. Face modeling using Ulthera ™ therapy is extremely precise and gives spectacular skin rejuvenation effects.


Thermage – is a medical device using radio frequency energy that allows non-invasive tightening, firming and contouring of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, giving the effect of a clear and strong rejuvenation. Concentrated ultrasound energy is delivered deep into the surface layers of the skin. This causes an immediate contraction of the skin through the tissue coagulation and begins its recovery. Thermage CPT allows non-surgical skin tightening and achieving lifting effect- a co called  “lifting without the scalpel”.


Thread Lift – is one of the newest beauty treatments. The introduction of the thread lift to the treatments I conduct has significantly developed the possibilities of rejuvenation. The threads are successfully used in difficult for treatments areas e.g.: in the forehead area- to lift the eyebrows and in the chin, jaw line and neck areas. It is an excellent alternative for skin laxity treatment in younger patients, who do not suffer from obvious volume fading. The treatment gives good effects in improving the skin tension and it additionally stimulates collagen synthesis. In the treatment of the patients in the age between 40 and 50 I use threads with the filler in the combination therapy.  In addition, threads give very good, immediate and long lasting lifting effects in treatment at the age 55+ with clear signs of photoageing.


Cutera Excel V –  Beautiful skin is healthy skin! Cutera Excel V is a modern vascular laser, which enables to treat a wide variety of skin afflictions, from superficial vascular damages to deep scars. Laser offers possibility to adjust the treatment parameters to individual needs of the patient. This helps to conduct extremely effective and precise treatment of all vascular lesions and skin discoloration.


Endermologie is highly effective and non-invasive endomassage based on mechanical cells stimulation. The treatment is a natural anti- ageing method, useful in the reduction of the body fat as well.  It has a wide range of applications in the field of face and body aesthetic (Lipomassage and Endermolift). As a result of the above treatment the locally accumulated fat is reduced. It prevents the signs of ageing process and improves the skin quality. This non-invasive and remarkably effective massage has great variety of programs with different effects to choose:

  • aesthetic (slimming, skin firming, anti-cellulite treatments,)
  • sports (muscle, fascia, tendon and ligament preparation for exercising)
  • therapy (lymphatic drainage, exertional regeneration, supporting treatment of damage of muscles, ligaments, tendons)

Technique of Endermologie treatment is based on interaction of two factors: electronically controlled rollers and vassum. As a result of the vacuum, a formed skin fold is rolled and unrolled with specific rollers. To achieve full tissue mobilization, the rollers inside the head move not only in a rotational way around its own axis but also with respect to each other taking into consideration the state of tissue and intensity of treatment. Depending on the chosen program, the process is supplemented with constant and rhythmic vacuum. Multiple, mechanical stimulation of the top skin layer during the massage, activates the fat metabolism and force the cells to release resistant to diet and exercises fat.


The treatment is painless and gives a pleasant effect of relaxation. Measurements and photographs taken before and after the series of treatment prove excellent results of Endermologie.

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