Innovative hair transplant

Hair transplant innovative system


This is a great solution for people who notice increased hair loss, its thinning, receding hairline and baldness.

The SmartGraft hair transplant is an ideal treatment for both men and women who face the problem of underdeveloped hair.



androgenetic alopecia in men and women 

post-traumatic alopecia

baldness after burns

baldness after irradiation

alopecia caused by inflammation of the skin

hair loss in postoperative scars

reconstructive treatments of the scalp’s skin completion



In comparison to hair thickening procedures requiring a large surgical procedure and leaving a large longitudinal scar on the back of the head, SmartGraft is a minimally invasive procedure.



⇒ shorter procedure duration

⇒ almost painless

⇒ hair sampling performed without a scalpel and seams

⇒ very high efficiency – survival of sampled hair bulbs reaches up to 98% thanks to the advanced closed system of sampling and moisturizing hair collected for the transplantation procedure

⇒ minimum convalescence period

⇒ no visible postoperative scars

⇒ natural treatment effect


The Smart Graft hair transplant procedure is very precise – as there is a big variety of surgical needles – thanks to which the transplanted hair line (precisely profiled) is practically indistinguishable from their natural line.




SmartGraft is a completely closed, sterile system for the hair transplant treatments. The innovative solutions used in it are modernizing the existing traditional methods of hair transplantation.

The system consists of three containers. It allows you to sample, store and moisturize your hair before reimplantation. The first container is used to store the hair sampled for transplantation. In the second one there is a saline solution adapted to the needs of the hair, which is used to moisturize the hair before implantation. The third container is used to drain the excess saline solution.

The system, controlled automatically, provides precise temperature (6-8 degrees Celsius) and proper hydration of hair.





⇒ scalp hair clear density

⇒ receding hairline elimination

⇒ hair restoration in the scarred areas

⇒ hiding scars after previously performed hair transplantation procedures






The SmartGraft hair transplant treatment requires no special preparation for the patient. The qualifying doctor will only ask you to perform basic blood tests. There is no need to have your hair cut, the doctor will shave the place intended for the transplantation (for a length of approx. 1 mm) so that the procedure can be performed effectively. During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied, first, in the area of sampling, then in the area of implantation.


⇒ after anesthesia of the skin, the doctor starts the procedure of sampling individual hair follicles– the doctor chooses the appropriate head for the treatment, guided by the thickness of the collected hair

⇒ the hair pulling needle works in a rotary motion, which allows you to perform the procedure faster than the previous procedures of this type, a special separator prevents penetration of the hair to a depth of more than 1 mm – which increases the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.



Isolated single sampling of hair follicles leaves only small wounds which heal very fast without leaving scars. Thanks to this the procedure is precise, the patient quickly returns to normal activities and can feel only a slight discomfort after the procedure (low pain sensations).


⇒ the collected hairs are transferred into a closed, sterile system to the container, in which the right temperature is maintained and the moisture system is adjusted – all this to ensure the best conditions and the best hair survival

⇒ in the last stage, the hair is implanted in the previously settled area, thus creating a new, natural line of the future hair

⇒ the doctor uses a special, precise head in this phase of the procedure, and the innovative pump provides the speed and efficiency of the procedure

⇒ the whole procedure lasts from 4 to 6 hours – this is the fastest method of hair transplantation at the moment




The skin after the treatment is irritated, tender and painful up to several hours. However, the wounds (in the area of collection and implantation) are microscopic in size and heal quickly. Small scabs will disappear after 7-14 days.

It is important to follow the instructions given by the doctor – do not scrape the scabs, avoid swimming in the pool, do not expose the scalp to the sunlight, wash your head only with warm water for the first two days, for the next two weeks only with gentle shampoo (e.g. for children), after washing let the hair dry out.

If necessary, for the first days after the treatment, you can apply cool compresses in the treatment area.

It takes several days for the hair to set in a new place. The growth of the first new hair can be seen after 2, 3 months, for the full effect you must wait for 12-14 months.

It is a one-time treatment. However, you can decide to perform another one in a different area.



CONTRAINDICATIONS for SmartGraft  hair transplant surgery

– active cancer

– advanced diabetes and cardiovascular disease

– active skin inflammation in the area undergoing treatment

– alopecia areata

– coagulation disorders

– general poor health

– pregnancy, breast-feeding


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