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Vagina tightening

Menopause is a new chapter in femininity. You do not need to be afraid of it. Modern gynaecology will help you avoid its upsetting consequences.


In the menopause, due to the decline in Estrogen level, the women intimate organs undergo the aging process. Approximately half of postmenopausal women suffer from:

  • vaginal dryness
  • pain during the intercourse
  • vaginal itching and burning

During the menopause, the number and activity of the mucus glands decreases, which leads to vaginal dryness problem. The Mucous membrane becomes less elastic, weakly moisturized and paler. Characteristic curvature of the vaginal mucus disappears, and its thickness is also reduced. The susceptibility to infections and microorganisms increases. The recurrent urethritis and bladder inflammation occur more frequently. Many women with vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) significantly impede the intimate contact. Another popular problem is the stress urinary incontinence.


Menopause effects elimination – Laser Mona Lisa Touch

Mona Lisa Touch laser – is perfect for regeneration and rejuvenation of the women intimate areas. The laser energy controlled by the doctor, heats the tissues in the opening of the vagina canal. As a result, the collagen amount increases, and the vaginal mucous becomes tight and more flexible. This process improves the flexibility and vaginal lubrication. The laser stimulates the vaginal mucous restoration and eliminates the urinary incontinence without conduction of surgical procedures.


Preventive MonaLisa Touch laser treatment can protect against invasive surgeries in the future.

Treatment Course- Mona Lisa Touch

The laser is equipped in scanner, which the doctor places into the vagina canal. The laser acts directly on the vagina walls and it stimulates production of new cells and glands. This results in a major overhaul of the entire vaginal mucosa (laser tightening).


Treatment effects:

  • restored vaginal mucosa
  • improved vagina lubrication
  • improved vagina flexibility
  • reduced vagina size
  • reduced stress urinary incontinence


The treatment is painless, and requires no recovery period. It is possible to come back to sex activity after a period of one week.



Menopause effects elimination Vaginal Narrowerinnovative lifting threads –NEW


The Vaginal Narrower lifting threads are perfect for rejuvenation and lifting of the intimate areas, as well as reduction of the external opening of the vagina.

This method of the vulvo-vaginal area rejuvenation is recommended especially to women aged 40-60, as well as to all women who feel discomfort because of the reduced muscle tensions and tissue problems in that area.

Treatment course – Vaginal Narrower

The treatment involves application of two special anchoring threads within the vulvo-vaginal area. The threads grow into the skin and improve the tension of subcutaneous tissues.

Treatment effects:

  • immediate improvement in aesthetics and vaginal functioning
  • reduced external opening of the vagina
  • cellular renewal
  • tissue firming

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