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Regeneration and revitalization of intimate areas


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Research has shown that intimate areas discomfort may affect up to one in six women. Anatomical changes of the intimate areas, also known as atrophy and hypertrophy of the labia (complete or partial loss of their volume and elasticity) cause discomfort, dryness, irritation, frequent infections and even pain during the intercourse.


Decreased volume of the labia majora (caused by the loss of subcutaneous fat) makes them unable to properly perform their physiological functions, i.e., protect the vulva area and external opening of the vagina. In addition, thinning of the mucosa results in possible itching, discomfort, pain, and increased risk of infection. From an aesthetic point of view, the labia majora look wrinkled and aged. These disorders cause discomfort and negatively affect the well-being of women.

Such problems can be remedied with the Desirial® treatment. This is the world’s first formulation based on hyaluronic acid dedicated to the intimate areas. The filler was developed in the collaboration of biotechnologists and gynaecologists, as a response to the very common problems of women in their adulthood, perimenopause, and menopause.




DesirialDesirial Plus




  • dryness
  • frequent irritation
  • itching, feeling of tension and burning (general discomfort)
  • labia atrophy (moderate, partial, complete)
  • elimination of aesthetic problems


These formulations:

  • improve the shape, regularity, and size of labia
  • reduce the postpartum scars
  • restore normal tension and vaginal lubrication
  • reduce the hypersensitivity and vaginal dryness during menopause
  • give the soothing effect immediately after the treatment
  • bio-stimulate and increase the collagen production


This is a therapeutic procedure, which restores the comfort along with the normal and natural protective function of the vulva.


Desirial - efekty


Hyaluronic acid used in the formulation is a natural component of the dermis, and its effect resembles the properties of a sponge, which retains water and moisturizes the skin. Desirial also contains a natural antioxidant -mannitol, which fights free radicals and prolongs the action of the hyaluronic acid.


The treatments conducted with the usage of Desirial formulations allow you to restore the volume and regular shape of the labia, which at the same time helps protect the vulva and thus reduce the burns and the risk of infections. The formulations also give revitalizing effects – they improve the hydration and vasoconstriction of the vagina.

The non-invasive and innovative Desirial® therapy restores women’s comfort and enables them to continue their active lifestyle.


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