A new dimension of mesotherapy



  Dermal WM – is an innovative device that combines the operation of needle and micro-needle mesotherapy with the use of vacuum. For the first time, the device uses a multi-needle + vacuum (vacuum suction) system, which gives the opportunity to perform the procedure: without bruises, hematomas, and pain, even in the delicate area of the eyes. Dermal WM allows very precise treatment and even distribution of the injected product – with high accuracy, as to the desired depth and the amount of administered preparation. The treatment can be performed with a single needle or a multi-needle (5 needles) – which significantly shortens the treatment time.   12 Mesotherapy is an excellent method used in skin revitalization. It involves injecting small doses of active substances directly into the skin. Active substances, such as vitamins, microelements, amino acids or hyaluronic acid – are selected individually to the needs of the patient, depending on what effects we want to achieve. Mesotherapy, often referred to by us as a “drip for the skin”, it is a great therapy for grey, dry skin, which lost its youthful glow. Thanks to the possibility of in-depth hydration (hydration from the inside), the skin regains vitality and health. Treatments bring the effect of a fresh look, the fatigue look disappears, and the first wrinkles become smoothed out. It is an excellent treatment for both young skin – as anti-aging prevention and for mature skin – as a treatment to improve the skin condition. Thanks to mesotherapy treatments, you can regenerate not only the face, but also the neck, cleavage, hands – delicate skin in this area requires special care! Mesotherapy can also be performed on other parts of the body – the abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks – in the problems of cellulite, skin laxity, stretch marks or excessive fat tissue. This method also works well in the treatment of discolouration, scars, stretch marks, hair loss and baldness.   Thanks to the use of Dermal WM, all mesotherapy treatments can be conducted precisely, quickly and comfortably for the patient!   Dermal WM-mezoterapia   Dermal WM allows the administration of preparations, such as: – hyaluronic acid – platelet rich plasma – mesococtails of different density – botox, e.g. in the hyperhidrosis treatment   Mesotherapy has a double power of action! 1) the effect of substances injected into the skin 2) skin self-healing after numerous punctures – repair processes start in the skin   Mesotherapy treatments effects: – nutrition, oxygenation, optimal skin hydration – skin smoothing, its structure and colour improvement (discoloration reduction) – wrinkles reduction – reduction of scars, stretch marks, adipose tissue Dermal WM – shortens the time of treatments, minimizes the feelings of patients, increases the effectiveness and comfort of the procedure.   Just like other treatments from our offer, we also tested mesotherapy with the use of Dermal WM on our own! We highly recommend it!    

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